Workshops on the Construction of Household Kitchen Garden

“Give someone a fish, they will eat a day. Teach them how to fish, they will eat .”


Our Kitchen Garden Project has been very successful. We want to continue using this model as a community tool to engage collaboration between local change agents and international volunteers.
This activity brings together, the young and the not so young, local authorities, students, visitors, beneficiaries. The skills they learn are transferred to their neighbors and the results are positive. We provide seeds and people to plant vegetables and fruit in the . Creating an edible landscape makes a lot of sense. If you plant a tree, why not plant a fruit tree? If you want green spaces, why not build community gardens?

Workshops on Nutrition and Wellness

The goal of this project is to bring resources to Gashora and help transfer knowledge of how to unlearn poor cooking practices and build the capacity for families to eat tasty, well and nutritious meals in Rwanda. Malnutrition is a major development obstacles. We are delighted to be able to make a contribution to this Government of Rwanda initiative.

Workshops on Small Business Management/ Entrepreneurship

In Rwanda, there is a new buzz in the air. Schools are teaching entrepreneurship from primary school all the way to post-secondary. We want to support adults who lost the opportunity to continue their education by providing practical workshops that help people start small businesses and moving them to prosperity.

Community Water Project Management in Gashora

During our initial visit to Gashora, we went to visit the lakes where the water hyacinth plans are chocking the lakes and rivers.
In our conversation with we learned that when kids are sent to fetch water for household use; kids are afraid to go deep into the lake because of crocodiles. They fetch water from the shore which is polluted. At the family does not have sufficient energy to cook the water before they drink it. As a result, they fall ill, go to the health but consume the same water and the cycle started all over.Building a water well would be a major gift to the community. Eighty percent of the disease are the result of unpotable water consumption.
We need to break the cycle. By providing clean water to the residents of Gashora, we will make sure that malaria and other disease no longer act as obstacles to community’s prosperity.