Remembering 27th Years of Rebuilding Post-Genocide Rwanda

Remember – Unite – Renew

Never Again!

From April 7th till June 30th every year, Rwandans and the international community remember innocent lives that were lost in 100 days, as the world looked the other way. The world forgot the promise it made in 1945; that never again, will the world allow genocide to raise its ugly head.

In 1994, all five members of the UN Security Council refused to acknowledge that genocide was taking place, in Rwanda. The American Ambassador to the UN stated that the US will not intervene in Rwanda, and it will not assist anyone who did.

Rwanda was liberated by its sons and daughters who refused to be obliterated.

Building Bridges with Rwanda thanks the British Columbia government in issuing this declaration acknowledging the significance of remembering this tragic page of the world history.

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Written by Leslie Malaika Lewis and Edward Vilga Performance by Malaika Uwamahoro Building Bridges with Rwanda is proud to support the promotion of Miracle in Rwanda as a commemoration of the 27th ann