Engaging SFU Global Marketing Students Through Teaching Rwanda’s Development Journey

Shortly after the RR25 Inaugural event at Morris J. Wosk Center for Dialogue, Prof June Francis and I began exploring different ways we could engage students in learning about Rwanda through a global marketing course. Francis had taught a similar course on Ghana and Peru; she asked me if I could help her tailor the course on Rwanda.

We focused on three key industries: coffee, handwoven baskets, and tourism. I was invited to speak to her class at the beginning of the term and work with students’ teams throughout the term answering their questions and connecting them with key people in businesses we had identified. The project was successful. In today’s reality, a lot of information is available online. The fact that students were assigned to work in teams and earn credit at the end of the term was a major motivation.

BUS 447 Global Marketing Management to create new markets for made in Rwanda products. Lama was invited to speak to the class and helped deepen students’ contextual understanding of Rwanda. The final course assignment was to work in teams and produce a final report and presentation on case studies, demonstrating how Made in Rwanda products can find new markets in global markets. Three key industries were selected: tourism, coffee, and hand-woven baskets. Students’ reports were impressive. They identified key potential new markets in Europe, Asia, and North America.

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Written by Leslie Malaika Lewis and Edward Vilga Performance by Malaika Uwamahoro Building Bridges with Rwanda is proud to support the promotion of Miracle in Rwanda as a commemoration of the 27th ann