RR25 Legacy Project

Student Volunteer Opportunity

Social Media and Fundraiser Coordinator

A. Overview

The RR25 Legacy UBC Team is made up of students and community members who came together to support the work of the Institute for Diaspora Research and Engagement (SFU); The Institute for Diaspora Research & Engagement (IDRE), established in 2013, is constituted as a research institute at Simon Fraser University (SFU). The IDRE was created to promote interdisciplinary research and link that research with community engagement, capacity-building and education.


In collaboration with Building Bridges with Rwanda will work collaboratively with RR25 Legacy Project – UBC Team to organize a community engagement event on Saturday, February 22, to discuss lessons learned from the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis and explore ways that Rwanda’s experiencing can be used as a model to solve local similar challenges. The RR25 Legacy Project-UBC team needs two dynamic experienced social media and fundraiser coordinator to support our campaign.


B. Organizational Mission & Value

The Institute's core mandate is to combine leading interdisciplinary scholarly research on diaspora with community-based research, and engage in innovative, responsive programming and collaborative dialogue, and exchange and partnership with the wider community. These activities build on strong scholarly research on diaspora within and outside SFU, and on relationships and linkages forged with diasporic communities and others interested in diaspora outside the University over the past decade. 

The student volunteer will play a significant role working closely with RR25 Legacy Project UBC Team to deliver on required tasks that were designed to organize a community engagement event. RR25 Legacy Project was created in collaboration between Building Bridges with Rwanda, SFU Institute for Diaspora Engagement and people interested in local/global issues engagement, to bring valuable community development lessons from Rwanda’s development history. 

This role of the student volunteer is pivotal for two reasons: 1) it offers a unique opportunity for the student to be immersed in a global-local dynamic that will broaden the student horizons and allow more people to learn about RR25 Legacy Project.


C. Social Media and Fundraiser Coordinators

Position Titles: Social Media and Fundraiser Coordinators

Role Description

As a Social Media and Fundraiser Coordinator, you will be responsible for developing and implementing our Social Media strategy in order to increase our team’s presence online, and improve our marketing and event promotion objectives. 

The successful candidate will work closely with the RR25 Legacy Project -UBC Team of volunteers to build a social media campaign in order to raise public awareness of RR265 Legacy Project in Metro Vancouver. The Remembering Rwanda 25 Years Legacy Project vision is to bring to Canada, lessons learned from Rwanda’s post genocide reconciliation as a viable tool for conflict resolution.

Key Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Create an event page for Saturday, Feb 22, 2020

  • Create an opportunity for people to donate to our project financial needs

  • Coordinate fundraising activities and ensure that information is accurate and up-to-date.

  • Work from home and meet report to RR25 Legacy Project-UBC Project Coordinator

  • Experience in organising and taking part in events – and the chance to gain new skills

  • Design a fundraising activity plan to support our organizing efforts

Skills and Personal Qualities

  • A team player and reliable

  • Enthusiastic and enjoys engaging with the public

  • Good communication skills

Desired Volunteer Times

Ten hours/week. Work from home.


Number of Openings

Two positions


Employer’s email


Posting and Expectation Date:

This position will be open for the current term and can be extended through the end of February.

How to Apply

If you believe that this role description suits your interest and skillset. Please get in touch with us at lmugabo75@gmail.com, and make a contribution to building our community, together. Your support in helping us raise money and promote this event will make a fundamental contribution to making Vancouver a more livable city.